Monumento a la Tolerancia


Eduardo Chillida






This abstract sculpture is made of concrete. It consists of a central curved volume from which two arms protrude. This morphological concept allows your vision to see different views, offering different appearances. It comes with two brackets of concrete inscriptions, one which states the reason for this monument and its sponsors while the the other is a song written by Elie Wlestel.

Historic Facts

This monument was made in 1992 by Eduardo Chillida at the request of the City and a collaboration between the Ministry of Public Works, Transport of the Government of Andalusia and the sponsorship of the foundation "Friends of Sepharad". It has been vandalized extensively, but it was restored in 2009.

Description of the Environment

It is located in the Dock called Muelle de la Sal. El Muelle de la Sal occupies a small area between el Puente de Barcas and la Torre del Oro. It is named after the discharge of salt that occurs here. It is a pedestrian area that runs the length of the right river bank. It has recently been refurbished, along with the addition of urban furniture and a bike lane. It is a leisure and recreational area, especially during the summer.

Asset Valuation

This sculpture is the work of an artist who throughout his life has been honored with numerous awards and honors, including the Prince of Asturias Award. Chillida has participated in exhibitions held in many parts of the world. It is a noteworthy addition to the symbolic and ethical value of this monument.